|  December 21, 2008


To some being Jim Jones right now is a good thing. He is tipped as being the Weezy of 2009, not saying I personally think so but people are talking and that’s what they are saying. Anyhow with all this drama going on with Max B it looks like Jimmy might have caught the attention of people who are not really feeling his ‘swag’ right now. The Dipset Capo was turned away by security at BB Kings the other night in NYC as he was trying to go hang out at The Roots OkayPlayer party.
There was a few raised voices as Jones was denied entry and one source said Jones ‘looked like he was ready to go off big time.’ Wow being turned away from a club in your own city, that is not a good look. But then I heard a whisper from another source that the reason Jones was denied entry was to do with security being tight with his current nemesis Max B. However I can’t help thinking that the only thing Max B has in common with anyone at BB Kings is nothing more than the B in their names, but hey what do I know. So much for Christmas cheer.

  • Karalynn

    Not a huge surprise. I mean really it takes more than a “my shit don’t stink” attitude to make it in the real world.

  • uncanny133

    jimmy is fucking wack, cant even get love in your home town, weak dogg, shoot yourself now

  • JamesSiam

    I would not want him at my club with his messed up attitude. You know you will end up with trouble if you let him in at your party.