Not On The List..Not Coming In

 |  June 29, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Turns out rapper the Game might have been excluded from the events at the BET awards as organizers were a little concerned that it might kick off between him and former label boss, 50 Cent, or Tony Yayo and Games manager Jimmy Henchman, or Games third cousin and Lloyd Banks brother in laws sister’s best friend (JOKE) Now not quite sure if there is any truth in this..but you gotta admit, Game probably had more right to be there than say Tony Yayo..but he wasn’t. Anyhow most
def think TI dissed Yayo that night lol and Yayo looked a little upset at the subtle diss from TI.

  • moneyoverbitches

    yo did yal see when t.i was performing tony yayo tried 2 give hip dap, T.i played him