Spoke too early, looks like this still isn’t coming out.  According to TMZ:

  • Johnny Fratto — son of infamous mob boss Louis “Cock-Eyed” Fratto — claims he came up with a reality show back in 2004 called “Son of a Gun” … centered around the daily life of a post-mafia family.Fratto claims he’s come “very close” to landing a deal with several networks — and even produced two pilot episodes … which he’s still trying to get on the air.

    But just a few days ago, MTV announced Cannon is producing a reality show with the SAME NAME — “Son of a Gun” — Nick’s show centers around an up-and-coming rapper named Cory Gunz.

    Fratto is pissed — claiming Cannon not only jacked his title — but also stole the mafia-themed “style” Fratto has used in his pilot episodes.

    Fratto has now fired off a cease and desist letter to MTV — ripping Nick as a “B-list actor” — and demanding they shut down all plans to move forward with their show … unless they change the title.


  • Smokin420live420

    That guy looks like the love child of Ron White and Madea.

  • CLSKS99

    Haha Nick's gonna get wacked.

  • Infared14

    LMAO, more like Ric Flair and Madea!