|  January 5, 2007

      JAY-Z’s days at the Time Warner Center could be numbered now that the condo he’s renting is about to be sold. The sky-high, four-bedroom, 51/2-bath pad on the 76th floor in the multicomplex’s north tower has gone to contract for $27million.

By: Hot Gossip Gal   – WTF is Jay z doing paying 40gs rent a month for an apartment in the Time Warner Building on Manhattans Upper West Side. You would think that someone would explain to J that with his bank balance he should be purchasing as opposed to renting. Or maybe his accounts aren’t as bulging as one would think. However the apartment has allegedly gone on the market and the so called King of New York is going to be looking for another castle.

  • neduboyboy

    dumb ass

  • Dirty North

    J for a bus man, shit is a little shady, what’s up with that shaky move renting I can’t believe this is true!!!!!!