Pretty sure this is all a big joke or this is Tyler, The Creator’s new alter ego or something.   But according to Odd Future’s tumblr:

Sidebar: I don’t care if this is a joke or not we need a rap album called Expensive Pasta.

Odd Future Newest member Young N*gga Releases His Debut Single “Come Threw Looking Clean”, From His Almost Wrapped Up Album EXPENSIVE PASTA. Produced By Tyler, The Creator. Enjoy, We’ll Keep You Updated.

Young N*gga “Come Threw Looking Clean”



  • Ea

    Expensive pasta and average size penis are two of the greatest titles I have heard in a minute…

  • Boom

    Funny I want to use Nigga as a nick name when I was up an comin spit'n but I didnt good luck kid with that!

  • Ea

    Love this song. Can't stop playing it. Its so ironic. This is definitely tyler by the way…