Omarion: Artic Chill

 |  April 16, 2007

By Will “Deshair” Foskey


         Do you believe in him? Has he finally grabbed your attention? Is your girlfriend or younger sister still reeling from his groups’ break-up, four years ago? Or are you just not giving him any credit by default?


       Whatever the case may be, Omarion is antartic at this time. With his current single, Ice Box charted at #12 on the Hot 100 charts, and a remix with R&B heavyweight Usher Raymond freezing up the game, you have to ask yourself: Is Omarion a part of the R&B elite? We at sat down with “O” to get some answers for you to be your current perception of him around.


From your perspective, talk about a few ways you feel the vibe of R&B has shifted for you since you enter the industry?


Omarion: I would say that for me, records like ‘Entourage’, and Ne-Yo bringing his flavor to the game, has changed the game for the better. A lot of the superstars in R&B are starting to change up. I thought that for a moment, everybody was stuck in a zone; just writing songs with catchy hooks, pushing it to radio to get a hit. But now I feel that people are starting to challenge themselves… which is a huge benefit to our genre.


If a tribute to Michael Jackson was setup and you could name 3 current artists to join you in a choreographed number, who would you choose?


Omarion: Definitely Usher… a definite for Chris Brown… and I am going to say Ne-Yo. The reason why I would choose Ne-Yo is because I think that he would do a really good rendition of ‘Rock with You’. He has that vibe and he dances very well in a boxed in area.


The name of your latest album is 21. From a business standpoint, talk about your demographic, your main consumers and what do you feel they may be going through in life at this time?


Omarion: Being that I started in the game at the age of 15, to being 22 years old, my fans have grown up with me. So I feel that everything that I’m talking about on the album, they can relate to it. Out of the 12 songs on the album, I’ve written 8 of them. They are going through what I’m going through; figuring out life, going through relationships, trying to find love, trying to end the confusion in our minds, etc.


Entourage hit off very well when it was released last year. And with Ice Box doing its thing, should it be no longer a surprise to people that you know how to put a hit together?


Omarion: (he smiles) I think that I’m changing a lot of people’s mind, about who Omarion truly is, and if I’m here to stay. Having a hit song takes a lot of time, and a lot of effort… it’s not an easy thing to come by – a lot of thought and a tremendous amount of strategy. So I would say that I am still changing people’s minds about me.


So what is the rest of 2007, looking like for you?


Omarion: Definitely, another single. I got two films coming out this year; one is called, “Somebody Help Me” with Marques Houston and Chris Stokes, and another movie called, “Reggaeton” which Jennifer Lopez produced. Also be looking out for me to be putting up some dance studios at the end of this year, the top of next year.




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