One And Done…

 |  March 3, 2009

jtsmallFormer Dancing With The Stars contestant/Defense End Jason Taylor was cut from Washington Redskins on Monday for refusal to commit to the team’s off-season workout program.

The reason for not wanting to sweat it out when you don’t have to, was the fact that he wanted to be with his family during his time off. “He wanted to spend the off season with his family,” said Taylor’s agent, Gary Wichard. “He just kind of chose family over going up there.”

The previous defensive player of the year was acquired by the Redskins courtesy of the Miami Dolphins, but he didn’t really have the impact that the Redskins were hoping for.

Even so, they were still willing to keep his restructured $8.5 million salary, but the desire to be with his wife and three kids were much greater.

With a lot more time on his hands these days, maybe the 34-year-old (currently) stay-at-home dad with 120 career sacks will hit the reality show circuit for the second time around.

If another team doesn’t pick him up, don’t be surprised if you see him on the new season of VH1’s The Surreal Life.