Oprah’s free chicken deal in conjunction with KFC might have caused a bit more trouble than imagined as customers at a KFC in NYC staged a sit in when the store manager said the infamous coupon was no longer valid for that day, due to the popularity of Miss O’s plans to feed the masses and the store being over ran with people wanting their freebie. The coupon which was available on line for a limited period of time has put many a smile on people’s faces with the two pieces of grilled chicken, two reg sides and a biscuit though, well as long as you had the ability to download the coupon from the net that is.
I know Oprah means well but there is always some drama with her give aways or her trying to do good when the media gets a hold of it. Remember when she gave a car to each of her audience a couple of years back and some couldn’t afford to tax and insure the cars? Then all the drama with her school in South Africa. I wonder if things would work out better for her if it was less of an Oprah thing and more of a giving thing. Just a thought.