|  September 3, 2008

Now you know Pac fans are going to be up in arms about this as to many and most this is worse than insulting someones momma or child. Blender magazine released a press release touching on a feature in their up and coming edition about the most over-rated things in music and there in pole position is Tupac. Let the war of words begin is all I can say. I hope the staff and editor of the mag are prepared.

Funny as the good folks over at Blender picked Fergie as the Woman of the Year in 2007.  Is that telling us something? Pac

  • headcutter

    fuck that mag Pac was ours to begin with down for the panthers A shakur so fuck them they will never get it they dont listen they just hear.

  • southsypher

    fuck fake ass bender who reads that shit anyway..i was a teen in the 90 and Pac is that nigga fuck fuck fuck fuck bender lol

  • layzienelson

    dis magazine want sum fuckin attention dey aint gotta betta shit 2 say wtf is blender i aint neva heard of dat shit dumass ppl dnt kno wtf dey talkin bout!


    blender who they dont know pac they the ones that call him twopack.

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Blender does this to make sells and it works…..Blender no one cares about your magazine at all!!!!

  • kingtowns

    look here 2pac was the one leading MC to tell us what we as black people are doing wrong and a weak ass mag like blender is trying to say different? blender is nothing but a lame version of MAXIM anyway

  • e-z-money

    If you got a problem wit pac being overated then you a homo thats uneducated.