Pacifist In Pumps

 |  April 22, 2010


If the name Black Lily rings a bell- you may have heard her name floating around those circles. Or -if you’re an avid Philly Music Lover- perhaps here- So just who are we talking about- Her name- Candice Anitra and like her female powered anthem says “Not afraid to throw a punch’ and ‘A pacifist in pumps’.

Welcome to the stage Anitra. She’s since moved to NY and honed her skills and songwriting craft with a debut album that’s shaping up to be a musical tour-de-force. She’s been working with super producer Joel Hamilton(Elvis Costello, Justin Timberlake, Bernie Worell, Talib Kweli) and music by Dub Trio(backing band for The Fugees, Matisyahu) and recorded in BK’s ‘Studio G’- now if that isn’t enough- Candice Anitra brings the raspy, soaring vocals and infectious melodies over funky rock -infused baselines.

The debut ‘Bark Then Bite’ could possibly take the Soul/R&B world by storm as Anitra is introduced to the world!


Here is the first music video off the debut called “Objectify”- Let us know what you think!

She’ll be doing a string of shows in NY in June and that’s when ‘Bark Then Bite’ is set to drop.