Papoose Vs Fat Joe

 |  March 3, 2008

Rumor has it that on Friday Feb 29 in North Corolina Papoose and Fat Joe had a physical altercation. is reporting that:

"Papoose,Cassidy,Fat Joe,Gucci Mane,Yo Gotti,and Fabolous were booked to perform at The Criquet Arena. Before the show could go on, the Main Event happened earlier at The Holiday Inn Hotel in North Carolina, where the rappers had been staying at .Sources from Cassidy’s crew tell us that Cassidy had asked Papoose to come to his room so they could talk. Papoose eventually came to his room and while the two rappers were talking, all of the sudden Fat Joe and 9 Members of his Entourage storm right into Cassidy’s room. Fat Joe suddenly starts yelling at Papoose, “You Got A Problem With Me?” and Papoose replied, “No, do you have a problem?” When Fat Joe responds ” yeah, I got a problem with you,” thats when Papoose swung at Fat Joe, punching him in the face twice. Before you knew it all hell broke loose. Sources tell us that Fat Joe and his crew rushed the rapper and Hotel security had to seperate the fight before Law Enforcement could get to the Hotel. Sources tells us that they heard Papoose yelling at Joe, “Come on Bitch ass nigga lets take this shit outside give me a fair one.”

If Fat Joe is getting two pieced by skinny Papoose, how is he going to knock 50’s new teeth out.  By the way, the above picture is not real:

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  • Christian08

    damn i wanna see that shit

  • qahdeer

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    this picture is photo shopped check mediatakeout

  • smileythe ceo

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  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Fat Joe did not get beat by this skinny motherfucker. Why everybody hatin Joe now. Because the nigga makin money and them other niggas is broke!!!!!!!HEEHEEHEEHEHE

  • bottomsbaby

    wush a nigga wud come at cha boy wit dat ho shit, a nigga tuch me he a dead nigga by sunlight