Paul Wall Ain’t Nuthin To F*ck With

 |  September 28, 2010

Texas rapper, Paul Wall, left a fan “Sittin’ Sidewayz” following an altercation at a San Antonio car show.  While on stage at the Low Low Car Show, he and Slim Thug paid homage to the late, great Pimp C.  One fan refused to show respect for the fallen rap legend and showed his distaste by giving Paul the middle finger.  Without hesitation the People’s Champ walked up to the spectator and bashed him in the face multiple times with his microphone before calling for security to escort the man from the premises.  As of today, no charges were filed against Paul Wall.


Personally, I think the guy got what he deserved.  How are you going to flip someone off when they are paying tribute to a rap legend from your own statePaul released Heart Of A Champion in July which featured a handful of productions by Travis Barker and was met with a decent amount of critical praise and some commercial success.

Paul Wall Beats Down Fan With Microphone