|  September 17, 2008







Well according to R Kelly they are. Speaking for the first time about the recent child porography charges brought against him of which he was cleared of this year, Kelly spoke on BET. With answers to questions such as this below it’s probably for the best that Kelly won’t be putting himself on the spot to be questioned again about the charges which could have seen him serving a 15 year sentence. “When asked to address his alleged weakness for teenage girls, he replied: “When you say teenage how old are we talking? 19? I have some 19-year-old friends but I don’t like anybody illegal if that’s what you’re talking about – underage.”

Kelly then went on to say that he feels he is very viable and an easy target for people who want to violate him explaining that he has been ‘blackmailed billions of times.’ Kelly who has sold over millions of albums worldwide since he came onto the scene in 1989 as part of the Chicago collective Public Announcement and later launching his solo career in 1993 is currently being sued by R&B star Neyo after he allegedly had Neyo kicked off the Double Up tour for reports that people were enjoying Neyo’s performance more than they were his.  Kelly and his camp have implied that the reason Neyo was dropped was due to paperwork issues.