I don’t like all the bullsh*t jargon in this clip, but it’s a phenomena people need to be aware of.  The prescription drug problem has been at epidemic levels for awhile now.  The thing that pisses me off in the grand scheme of things is that the companies who make these drugs get a pass because they pay taxes.  I really don’t see much difference from the dude who owns the company that makes OxyContin to the dude who runs a Mexican cartel.  How is weed illegal but OcyContin which is just synthetic heroin legal?  America, such a special place we live it.

The NY Times also has a interesting article on how OxyContin is effecting middle America.



  • yahhhhh

    because oxycontin wasnt made for the what they're used for now… but i get your point

  • Mikejones

    I remembered when it was cool to jus somke a joint…not its pill popin..