New York Lines Up For The King Memphis Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti hits the stage


Zed Zilla

Gotti shows off his iced-out wrist

Yo Gotti Tees



Stubba Lean of Star City

Yo Gotti

Boola Got Beats

Yo Gotti Drummer

Classik Of Star City

Mr. Lucci Of Star City

D Shep Hypeman

Fans happy to see Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti DJ

Zed Zilla's Dj

On Thursday May 17, 2012 Yo Gotti brought the trap to NYC when he performed at SOB’s on the Road To Riche$ Tour. Gotti was also joined by Zed Zilla, D-Shep, DJ Greg Street and more. Click through this slideshow to see exclusive photos and videos from this performance. All photos and videos by Bernard Smalls