Pics: Lebron James’s New $49.5 Million-Dollar Crib

Written by R.E.D.

Sunday, July 18th, 2010 at 1:17 pm
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Lebron James apparently is living out the B.M.F. mantra and blowing money super fast with this one.  He is reportedly about to buy the most expensive mansion ($49.5 million) in the most expensive part in Miami (Coral Gables).  The home was once owned by Pat Riley, and was taken off the market after his announcement.  This house features

  • Eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms
  • 880 feet of waterfront
  • Master suite with a full gym
  • Private guest suite with its own tennis court and courtyard on an acre of land
  • 150-foot dock

Taxes are about $1 million per year, with an additional $150,000 price tag for utilities. Check the pics and tell me if it’s worth it:

  • man


  • Tcsbc

    yo lebrons the man fuck all the haters

  • Mezutp2

    VERY nice crib lebron , but for $49 million you should have a flat screen tv in the gym… lol

  • Shoulderswestley

    why was i thinkin da same thing lol but dis is 1 hell of a nice crib

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