Pill “Marta Tokens”

 |  December 21, 2010

It’s cool that Pill tries to branch out with more mainstream records from time to time. Success in the music industry, after all, is often measured by how many people artists or band reach. Thus, radio friendly songs obviously hit the masses and it’s not surprising to see Pill test the waters since he’s on a major label. But it’s tracks like “Marta Tokens,” Pill’s latest, where the ATLien is at his best. He sounds more “comfortable” when he’s rhyming about the ills of his neighborhood and his wordplay hits another level as well. This record is no exception and the beat is quality too. Therefore, you might as well give it a look: especially if Pill’s aggressive lyrics and pinpoint flow drew you in to his work.

This track was set free by Bootleg Kev in commemoration of his new site. I’m not a regular visitor but he deserves credit for dropping this pick me up on a slow news day.

Pill “Marta Tokens”