Well this is cool.  Pill took a break from doing typical rap sh*t to submit a clip to The Tesify Project.  The video is supposed to address one or both of the following questions.

How are human rights violated in your community? What should the US Government do to protect these rights?

Pill touches on a problem that is effecting every major city in the United States right now.  Gentrification.  Basically with transportation costs soaring through the roof, a reverse “white flight” phenomena is occurring throughout the country.  Real Estate in poor inner city locations are suddenly becoming valuable and re-developed.  This tends to displace poor minorities that were living there in the first place.  This video touches on what happens next.  This is dope and we need more content like this from rappers.



  • Rgerm01

    Yup the cultures of harlem and BK have been completely destroyed b/c of these yuppies