Pimp C’s final album The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones will be dropping on October 5th.  I tend not to really like posthumous albums.  However, I’m pretty sure Bun is executive producing so I don’t think he will allow anything to go out that would tarnish Pimp’s legacy.  I’ve always really fucked with Pimp, not only as an artist but as a man.  he just came off as a stand up dude who said what he felt and made no apologizes for it.  So I’m really hoping that this album is well done, and not just an instance of the record label looking to cash in.

That being said I’m not really feeling this first leak.  I fux with everyone involved on the track, but I thought Drake’s verse was a little whack.  I’m not sure Pimp would approve.  I do think he would approve of this artwork.  B*tches and Bentley’s seemed to be his forte.  I finally I’m going to force my favorite Pimp song, “Shattered Dreams“, on you.


Pimp C ft Drake & Bun B “What Up”  (prod. Boi-1da)