The late Pimp C’s wife – Chinara Butler – is currently in a lawsuit with Rap-A-Lot Records; a Houston based record label. The label wishes to regain ownership and control of Pimp C’s unreleased recordings, as the late rapper, formerly of the group UGK, had allegedly signed an agreement in 2000 which gave the label the sole rights to his recordings. However after Pimp C’s death in 2007, Butler became in control of his estate, and changed the label agreement.

The altered contract stipulated that Pimp C’s estate needed to deliver 10 masters recordings in order to close the deal. However Butler’s attorney has asked that Rap-A-Lot records end any work with Pimp C. Butler has also claimed that the label failed to compensate her and other employees of the Pimp C music estate. The label responded by issuing a lawsuit that will aim to establish  legal entitlement to Pimp C’s brand, including his music, name and public image.

Pimp C was found dead in his hotel room in Hollywood back in 2007 after ingesting a lethal combination of Promethazine and his sleep apnea prescription. Spotted at HHDX.

Sam Edit:  Does Chinara not know how J Prince gets down?  Doesn’t seem like a paperwork/litigation type of guy.