Pink has never been afraid to speak her mind from telling Kanye off to saying of the wall things about the industry, in this video she performs a song called stupid girls and basically wears a blond wig and does a whole routine from Beyonce`s single ladies performance. Beyonce is very popular and Im sure they share some of the same fans I`m not sure if this is so much of a good look on Pinks part watch it and judge for yourself:

  • PoeticSwag

    Ha that is funny. I dont mean any harm to beyonce but the chick is garbage. She has energy, yes. She has style, yes. her singing is mediocre considering all the voice enhancing tools out there. I also wish she would put some clothes on for a change. Her body is banging but ide like to see these women cover up the skin a little and try to sell records without selling the body. All the women in the industry should take point from Jill Scott. She can sing like no other and doesnt show mad skin. Beyonce carries a lot of weight in the game , i know but, whether people are aware or not she is a piece of ass. If B didnt wear the Ho-ish outfits she wouldnt be half the phenom she is now. Im sure most wont agree with me especially her because at the end of the day its about the gwap and some people will do anything for it, even send the wrong message to the youth of today. When was the last time you saw a 15 or 16 year old girl who dressed like she was 15 or 16? point made. Oh and for the record, not a pink fan either. She is guilty of the same things and her performance although funny was hipocritical

  • lord_devious

    Unngh…Pink is Fugly (notice with a capitol 'FFF'), wannabee superstar b-list celebrity gutter trash who can't keep a man and who is so desperate to stay in the limelight that she went from being an RnB singer to a crazy bitch yelling into the mike/ pretentious PETA sh!thead pretending to stand behind a righteous cause/ Lesbian in denial/ crap trampoline act wihle singing badly, onion underarmpit smelling, angry faced beocth. ALL hoes who hate Beyonce are fucking loosers and nobodies and deep down they know it. Pink WISHES she were Beyonce but she is too ugly and too butch.Thats why when she first came out she tried to be a sex symbol,but no one thought she was hot…so she changed her style up to appeal to the ugly girls (especially girls going through “akward” teen years), the angry lesbos and homos. Beyonce is sexy and an amazing singer and entertainer, and it just seems that genuinly beautiful women love her while angry ugly betty's hate her…just an observation… haters get over it though, no matter what you WANT to beleive, she's dope. That's that. Props to Keri Hilson too…haha!