The “Goon AffiliatedPlies sat down with Fuse’s Toure to talk a few things, his brother, paying for a fans college tuition, his album, the pants sagging controversy and the Goon issue. I know there is a lot of stuff going around about Plies but I’m from the hood to, I graduated from college and I’m still in the hood. I know for a fact not going to school does not make you a real person and going to college doesn’t mean that you are smart.

I know straight clowns and cowards who run the streets and I also became friends with some real stand up dudes in the classroom.  Any real G would tell you its real and fake cats where ever you go. It’s your decisions and actions in given situations that make you real. I don’t know Plies from a can of paint and never bought one of his CD’S but I wont call him no fraud because I don’t know that man when the cameras are off. So don’t let the media make decisions for you.

Base your opinions off of what you know and not what you hear. By people dissing Plies because he went to school, is a sucker move and only keeps kids in the hood thinking there is no way out. If it was because Jamie Foxx said he was hiding in the bathroom then ok.  I know gangsters in school that did more dirt than your favorite rapping dropout. At the end of the day do you want a gangster or a rapper. Shyne kept it real and let his gun blow at the club and people turned on him and called him stupid for having a gun and bieng a rapper.

Lil Wayne is a child star who got caught with a gun, who is doing 8 months and people called him dumb for having a gun but none of those people were going to help pay for the funeral if they were caught slipping. It’s just music at the end of the day. It’s funny because just about everyone that owns and runs a major label has went or graduated from school. While we divide ourselves and rather be the slaving rapper who can’t read a contract. Maybe street music would be played more if we controlled more of our future.

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  • Prince 74

    Here's the deal. It's not about whether this nigga went to school or not. Graduated Valedictorian or not. Like you said there is real or fake niggas everywhere. The fact of the matter don't be fake. If you took the school route then claim it, embrace it, show people that the drug route ain't the only one. Luda went to school, Wayne went to school, T.I. just got a degree. It's okay. If he would just been honest with the worldupfront there would be no issue good music is good music. Shit Dre 3K dresses like Princes' long lost son but we still love the music. Don't pretend to be something your not. And asked don't deny it vehemently or dodge the question, or try to clown the person asking you because your ashamed of the decision you made. So you spitting your brother life, cool that's respectable shit happened and he couldn't speak for himself so you told his story. But lying and saying it's your life that's a fuck move.

  • ihiphopsam

    co-sign Prince 74