|  June 30, 2008

Plies has announced details of his very own non-profit organization, Big Gates and Plies Power Of Visions Foundation, Inc., as well as a scholarship program, the “Somebody Loves You” Scholarship Fund.

Big Gates and Plies Power Of Visions will provide funding for legal representation and aid to needy individuals, specifically those who are incarcerated, with the goal of promoting a more functional, productive, and just community. The organization will also provide educational forums, classes, workshops, trainings, opportunities, and other charitable activities aimed at individuals in the community, in particular focusing on rehabilitation.

In addition, Big Gates and Plies Power Of Visions will focus on promoting activities for youth and minorities, including education, mentorship, cultural experiences, and preventative measures aimed at combating incarceration in the Tampa and Ft. Myers, Florida areas.

For more information on the organization and scholarship, as well as scholarship application details, visit SOMEBODY LOVES YOU.plies.jpg

  • Vetersi

    To put dollars in action in this way deserves more recognition. The rappers who can afford to give back can truely serve society in a positive way, and also create an appeal for more than just listeners. It shows theres a opening for philanthropy.