The Official List Of The Top 100 Clubs In The U.S.!

Our colleagues got a hold of the Top 100 Clubs in the US list, hot off the presses from Nightclub and Bar Magazine. The list isn’t up online yet.  Check out he first 35 by club name, city, and 2008’s total revenue. I haven’t been to many of these…but I’d have to give it to my peeps Jason and Noah with Marquee as my fave from this list. I’m pretty sure they have something to do with Tao and JET as well. Let’s see what the 2009 numbers look like….

Top 100 Clubs

Top 100 Clubs



   1. Tao Nightclub, Las Vegas. $50-60 MM

   2. Tryst, Las Vegas. $35-50 MM

   3. Pink Elephant, New York. $35-50MM

   4. Pure, Las Vegas. $35-50MM

   5. JET, Las Vegas. $35-50 MM

   6. Mansion, Miami. $35-50 MM

   7. The Bank Nightclub, (Bellagio) Las Vegas. $35-50MM

   8. LAX, Las Vegas. $25-35MM

   9. Full Throttle Saloon, Sturgis, SD. $25-35MM

  10. Secrets Nightclub, Oceancity, MD. $25-35MM

  11. Body English, Las Vegas. $15-25MM

  12. Moon Nightclub, Las Vegas. $15-25MM

  13. Ghostbar, Las Vegas. $15-25MM

  14. Billy Bob’s, Fort Worth, TX. $10-20MM

  15. Crobar, Chicago.$10-20MM

  16. LOVE Night Club, Washington D.C. $10-20MM

  17. Prive, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

  18. Soundbar, Chicago. $10-20MM

  19. The Highlands, Hollywood, CA. $10-20MM

  20. Avalon, Los Angeles. $10-20MM

  21. Playboy Club, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

  22. Drai’s After Hours, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

  23. Purgatory of Dallas, Dallas, TX. $10-20MM

  24. Stargate, St.Paul, MN. $10-20MM

  25. Virgins, Chicago. $10-20MM

  26. Bar Anticipation, Lake Como, NJ. $10-20MM

  27. Christian Audigier, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

  28. Rum Jungle, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

  29. Studio 54, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

  30. Servella, Los Angeles. $10-20MM

  31. Blush, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

  32. Marquee, New York. $10-20MM

  33. Pacha, New York. $10-20MM

  34. Mayan, Scottsdale, AZ. $10-20MM

  35. RAIN, Las Vegas. $10-20MM


  • kairosrain

    wow! can’t believe they’re earning that much. That’s a lot of money.

  • bbutton

    im glad les deux isn’t in the list. i think the place is overrated.

  • davidcook

    where’s the pussycat dolls lounge in vegas in the list?