Portland Or “BUST”?

 |  March 3, 2009

t1_1029_oden_apThe Portland Trailblazers’ top pick in the 2007 NBA Draft Greg Oden is expected to miss at least another week because of a bone chip in his left knee.

The center from Ohio State who was picked first overall two years ago was hurt (again) during a game right before the All-Star break. Having missed all of last season with injuries, he averaged 9 points and 7 seven rebounds in 39 games this year.

Right now the Trailblazers probably feel like jumping off a bridge because they took Greg Oden over superstar-in-the-making Kevin Durant, who was rookie of the year [their] first season, and is now averaging 27 points per game.

But in hindsight, Portland should be used to making dumb decisions by now, because once a upon a time back in 1984 they drafted Sam Bowie over this other guy named Michael Jordan… Wonder how that worked out for them…