|  April 29, 2009


Funny how the good people do in this music world we love to hate always seems to fall by the by. Diddy (yeah ok so we know he is the numero uno media whore) took his new clones boy band, DAY 26, to a high school in ATL earlier this month as part of Saving Our Daughters Campaign to talk to the young ‘uns about how ladies should be treated and respected. Funny how Sean Combs gets slammed for housing Chris Brown, who has been charged with domestic battery, up in his Miami pad and yet still manages to come back and do something positive to show he DOES NOT condone domestic violence. He sure knows how to work the media to his advantage, even though people might have not even known about this demonstration of how to make bad PR good PR until now.
In all seriousness though, the Save Our Daughters Campaign battles with the every day problem of domestic violence against women. It is reported by the National Organization for Women that there are over 4.8 million cases of domestic assault and rapes reported each year in the US where the victim is intimately involved with the perpetrator. Tequilla Whitfield (damn there goes one of those names the powers that be are trying to ban in the DR) a mentor in the program was impressed with how the boy band took the time out to talk to the kids, “They really took their time to explain just how special young women are and I know that the ladies took every word in.”

  • Vetersi

    Girls especially fans of artist are and will always be protected.