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Friday, December 5th, 2008 at 3:58 pm
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as3.jpgThe animated movie, Anastasia was filled with musical interludes, and a plot well deserving to be read right out of a fairytale book, but that storyline takes place in the infant stages of the 20th Century.

As we approach the first decade of the 21st Century, a new version of Anastasia is formulating once again. This time though, she’s not make-believe, and her curvaceous measurements of 34-24-38 can certainly attest to that.

20-year-old Anastasia Garcia has been making the rounds and earning a name for herself in the already-competitive world of urban modeling. Aside from being in magazines such as The Source, the 5’5” 125 lbs.

Cleveland, Ohio native of African-American and Dominican descent has brushed elbows with the likes of Gorilla Zoe, Lil Scrappy, Shawty Lo, and B.o.B. by being featured in their videos.

Not to be confused with your average “video girl,” this young beauty with a fetish for McDonald’s aims to break that stigma by utilizing her full talents to further get her feet wet in the entertainment industry; and with the path she’s on, it shouldn’t be any longer.

In the business of “comers” and “goers,” one thing that you can definitely place your bets on is that the fact that Anastasia Garcia aint’t no fairytale. Where are you originally from?

Anastasia Garcia: I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. How’s it like growing up there?

Anastasia Garcia: Um, it was weird. There’s no real trends here or anything, but I wasn’t bad, I was a good girl. Plus it gets really cold. What’s your nationality?

Anastasia Garcia: I’m Dominican and African-American. Do you speak any Spanish?

Anastasia Garcia: I speak very little Spanish… What made you get into modeling?

Anastasia Garcia: I always thought I was pretty, and I really like modeling but I would rather get into acting. When you’re modeling, it’s like you’re acting, but I would rather be an actress, and I’m looking into getting acting classes right now. You’ve been in videos by B.o.B., Lil Scrappy, Gorilla Zoe, and Shawty Lo. Do you ever get worried about people stereotyping you as just another “music video model”?

anastasia-10.jpgAnastasia Garcia: I don’t think so, because of my looks and my size, so I think I can cross over. I don’t think people would just think of me as a video girl. So what’s your opinion on this industry so far? Have you had any bad experiences?

Anastasia Garcia: Well it hasn’t been positive all the time… But it is what it is, and you have to take the good with the bad. Do you have any personal goals you want to accomplish in this industry?

Anastasia Garcia: I want to land a really, really, really, big video. I’m not done doing videos yet, I think videos are fun. I would like to do a Beyoncé video; that would probably be the next video I would want to do. Most likely at the end of the year, I’ll be done, and then I’ll completely move onto acting. Were you at all camera shy when you first started shooting?

Anastasia Garcia: I’ve always been a little shy in front of the camera, but I’ve gotten more comfortable with myself through my modeling. It’s easier now, and before I was just afraid to look ugly, and so some of my pictures would come out funny looking. But now I’m more comfortable. What are your family’s thoughts on your modeling career? Are they supportive of what you’re doing?

Anastasia Garcia: [Laughing] They are, but to a certain extent. Like the booty pictures—they don’t really like those too much. I have to stop doing booty pictures… [Laughing] [Laughs] Is modeling your full time gig, or are you in school as well?

Anastasia Garcia: Modeling is my full time gig, and I used to go to school part time. But now I just completely model. What’s been the toughest part of this industry for you so far?anastasia-8.jpg

Anastasia Garcia: Getting my name out there more, that’s the tough part for me. Not too long ago, I was talking to a photographer from Don Diva [Magazine], and he hadn’t seen any of my work, so he didn’t know what I’ve done so far. Then he was telling me that I have to pay to get into their magazine, and I was like, “I think you guys should pay me, because I’ve been in better magazines.” I like Don Diva, but I’ve been in better magazines, and I didn’t have to pay to get in those magazines.

If I do pay, then I need the cover. Then he said if we do a cover it would have to be for someone like Buffie [The Body] or a model like that. I’ve done enough videos to get a cover, and I’ve been in enough magazines to get a cover on Don Diva.

So that’s the hardest part, when people don’t really know who you are. I hate the fact that I have to tell people what I’ve done, I would like for them to see and already know. With that said, have you found it difficult to stand out in such a competitive field?

Anastasia Garcia: No, I think I stand out because I have my own little personality, and I think people will like that. Plus I’m very different from all the other models. What do you like to do away from modeling?

Anastasia Garcia: I like to eat and shop… [Laughing] I like listening to music too, and I like going to strip clubs. I go to the beach a lot too. What foods do you eat that you shouldn’t?

Anastasia Garcia: WOA!! There’s a lot! [Laughing] I eat a lot of stuff that I shouldn’t eat. I’m always in McDonald’s every five minutes, and I eat stuff like pickles and cheese together. Pickles and cheese?!

Anastasia Garcia: It’s kind of weird… [Laughing] But it tastes really good though. The only thing that’s hard to do is to keep my weight on me, because I’m so active, and I’m always exercising. I’m trying to keep my weight on. It’s not hard to lose it, but it’s hard to keep it. And what about your trips to the strip club? Trying to learn some new moves? [Laughs]

Anastasia Garcia: [Laughs] Nah, I don’t need to do that, I already have my own moves. I just like to check it out. Are you single or taken?

Anastasia Garcia: I was taken, but I’m single now. I’m just going to focus on my career now, instead of all these guys. A lot of them can be assholes… [Laughs] Not all of them, but some of them… [Laughs] What kind of man are you attracted to?

Anastasia Garcia: I really like the football player type, like the build and the swag. Football players just have that swag. There’s this one guy, he plays for the [New York] Jets and he’s old has hell, but he is so sexy! He has a nice swag to him, I would never tell him that, but he does have a VERY nice swag. I love guys like that, and with a beautiful smile. What’s best way for him to impress you?

Anastasia Garcia: If he smiles at me and has pretty teeth… [Laughing] Of course if he looks nice too, but if I’m in a bad mood I probably won’t talk to him. If I’m in a good mood, I’ll talk to him. What’s the most sexiest part of a man’s body in your opinion?

Anastasia Garcia: OH MY GOD!! Is it the pelvis area? I don’t know, it’s that little cut… You mean the pelvis V-shaped separation?

Anastasia Garcia: YEAH!!! OH MY GOD!! Plus his pecks!! Oh yeah! [Laughing] I love arms too… [Laughs] What do you find unattractive in men?

Anastasia Garcia: I don’t like really skinny guys, and I never have. I don’t like super short guys either, and if you don’t have a nice scent to you, that’s a turn off to me. Oh yeah! And you have to brush your teeth! Because some guys don’t do that… They really don’t… [Laughs]

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