So I pretty much act like a functional retard on twitter.  Maybe made an off hand remark about Rick Ross smoking blunts and getting face tattoos while Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations (one of the best shows on television) fame made him a snack.  Well it appears as if Anthony Bourdain is a boss much like Rick Ross and Re-Tweeted the idea.  Then he @ me that he likes Rick Ross.  I know what you are thinking…who cares that Anthony Bourdain Re-Tweeted a f*ck boy hip hop blogger?  The answer is no one.  The point of this story is that Anthony Bourdain is down!  Someone holler at the right Illuminatis and make Rick Ross on No Reservations a reality.  At the very least Rick Ross could make a sweet viral video/Ciroc ad out of it.  Where the f*ck is Diddy when you actually need him!