|  January 3, 2011

Karma is a b*tch.  This chick has been locked up for a minute.  So is she actually going to get deported? What’s the second best thing next to exposing rappers?  Prison stories of course.  I’m a failure for continuing to give her shine, but I thought it was funny.  How is she tweeting?  Probably the same way this guy posted pictures of himself in jail with drugs and weapons on his facebook.



  • CLSKS99

    “I’m a failure for continuing to give her shine” Yea, so why do it? Shit ain't funny.

  • Smokin420live420

    Agreed. This chick is not anything special. The body is mediocre. A million other women in the world with a body just as good with a better face and way more class. Also, Is she an inmate or is she just detained awaiting deportation?