By: Rizoh

      Prodigy is running his mouth again. This time, he’s taking shots at the late great Tupac Shakur. Well, sort of. Asked about his decision to sample 2Pac’s vocals on his song “New York Sh*t” despite being a victim of Pac’s wrath on wax, P told that artistic decisions take precedence over petty feuds. Well, not exactly in those words.

      “It’s all about how the chorus sounds—‘Oh that sh*t sounds hot together-the Biggie and the ‘Pac sample sound good…’ I don’t give a f**k about Pac! I’m just saying that sh*t sound hot together; that’s an ill idea for a chorus. It don’t matter what Pac did or whatever…that’s not the case. The case is the shit sound like a good record.”

     Too bad he couldn’t summon the courage to make such statements while ‘Pac was still alive.



  • J2ce

    This dude need to sit the fuck down somewhere before he need a blood transfusion. Sickly muufuckaz always talk the most shit because they got little clauses in their insurance. This get a disability check every month, thats how he got money, he remind of them niggaz who got good construction jobs, but act like they sellin dope to get their money. Get the fuck out of here!

  • killa boy

    yeah prodigy a hoe he,s stilll mad dat pac diss his ass on his classics

  • north side

    just to clarify the last sentence up there about prodigy not sayin nothin while pac was still alive, prodigy was sayin shit back in the day when he was still alive b/c they were beefin. and they had that song ‘drop a gem on em’ dissin him the album came out a couple months after he died but that song was on the streets before that though


    Fuck prodigy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Niccollio

    I can’t believe this ni99a.. i always thought that his 1st solo album was a klassik.. but now he’s on some other shyt.. u gon diss pac. now im not supportin ya new shyt at all homie… FUK YOU LIL LAME NIGGA

  • J2ce

    Drop a gem on em was wack, so was 2pac! The shit was 2 wack niggaz beefin, get off 2pace maggot infested nuts! I don’t like either one of them niggaz. 2pac got more young Black people killed than George Bush Jr.

  • Bummy Chuckles

    ok i can’t even believe im addressing this bullshit but whatever, what will the twinkle toed gangsta do next? Like would us nigguhs even be talking about P as a legitimate if he didn’t say the things he says about others…see the sad thing is I am not saying Prodigy is a whack lyricist cus he has made his contribution, but the gimik beef this guy has to stoop to sell his records is ridiculous… Lol…what is sacred anymore… You beefing with the nigguh even after he dead WOW you hate him that much… You just proved that a gggg u are not…. I understand his statement tho, he just saying the reasons why he do things creatively so maybe its taken out of context, but just simply the fact that the dude ain’t able to say something back should be enuff for you not to say it…. like be a lil more happy.. you still alive to make music… you a fucking idiot these days for real..but thats why i haven’t bought a MOBB record since The INFAMOUS..thank god for the bootleg on this one….

  • Ziplok

    The Infamous was Prodigys only good project. “Shook Ones” is the only good song on there. CAN YOU SAY 1 HIT WONDER!!!!!!

  • Above All

    that’s the problem with these lil fake ass rappers when they think they on top of that hill….i was once a fan(shook ones days)…but now this cat stepping over the boundaries…P u are not 20 no more…u are damn near 30 years old…fuck u and ya movement….

  • bigrob

    first of all mobb deed was dropping bombs back in the day they shit was hot the infamous was just the begining. Then Hell On Earth and Murda Musik come on them shits was hot. them niggas fell of nowadayz but they was hot back in the days. that niggas not fucking with Pac. He’a outta line talking trash talking trash about a nigga after he die. But he’s dead and he’s alive and it is what it is.

  • Mista Cocus360


  • slap

    Nobody is thinkin about p……..

    Besides thats all he could get out his mouth between gum flaps on fif’s dick…No homo but 90% of all these niggas should kill themselves

  • Carlito_Bragonti2

    Whos listening to this guys music anyway…nobody according to his last album……who cares….next

  • ponyboy


  • savagemusikent

    you niggaz got me fucked up pac rapped about what was true niggaz had bitchassness jn them and so they got smashed on.not 2 say his beef was always right but he spoke how he them niggaz got handled straight up

  • Big kev0

    J2ce can suck Prodigy sickle cell dick u stupid Bitch …..Pacs The best and P had kno bussiness disrespecting the dead R.i.p

  • Niccollio

    I can't believe this ni99a.. i always thought that his 1st solo album was a klassik.. but now he's on some other shyt.. u gon diss pac. now im not supportin ya new shyt at all homie… FUK YOU LIL LAME NIGGA