Prodigy is back causing controversy from behind the wall.  This time, he goes at Hell Rell and Officer Ricky.  He’s quoted as saying “You got people who actually think Hell Rell is a good rapper. There’s people who get the chills when they hear Rick Ross, like he’s something special.” This diss is in regards to his “Top 40 Rappers” list he created. I hope he likes beef, because he’s going to have plenty on his plate.
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  • rooahk

    Shit I’m with my nigga all the way yo. Lol, I mean it can’t be stated any better man & I think we need 2 take this all into consideration and help change our music 4 the better!

  • rebel wu

    Man he is telling the truth.. about time some body does..

  • TWIN454

    The fact of it is the real “niccas” are dead and as you can see in jail. He’s on point but us as “thural nicca’s” need to know is that we are out numbered now. It’s a gay sweet-fag (swag) time but we have to live in it and begin to shape the morals back in the game for or children’s sake. Truthfully do you want your kid growing up telling on everything including themselves. Do you want a boy that wants to be a girl or a girl who wants to be a boy because it’s promoted by these Europeans that run the media. They stopped us in the 80’s with the Stop The Violence Movement and put in “gansters”. Now those that were our portray ers are sweet wearing tight clothes with lip gloss…When will the real come back to the HIP-HOP nation?…peace the real ReDHooK