Prodigy v Saigon

 |  February 23, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Well it looks like we might have another little issue going on in NYC between Prodigy and hopeful superstar Saigon. Saigon didn’t hold back when it came to his views on Prodigy in a recent interview. Just Blazes protege had this to say on the Queensbridge rapper "I’m a real nigga and he’s not. We can’t relate to each other. He’s not supposed to like my music because he’s been rapping about my life his whole career. He’s been signed since he was 15 years-old. When were you this
super tough person you personify? You can’t be a popular rapper and a gangster out busting your hammer and still be around this long."  Prodigy had spoken out on not just Saigon but a lot of rappers to encourage this outburst. Where is the love people?

  • Nas

    And you ask why I say its dead?

  • agentrush

    Exactly nas!!!

  • Roach INC

    i feel u Sir Jones

  • dreadklove

    real headz know why..amen!!!

  • pachino papes

    its not dead its just a little ill,we gonna revive it ,we just need u o.gz to support our new movement ,we cant comeback with our elders telling the world we cant carry the torch
    ..and saigon the truth not saying prodigy is wack but saigon is more believable and plus you can learn alot from his music ,we dont need any more lessons on cheffing in the kitchen i got enough cds to revise frommmm

  • agentrush

    Exactly nas!!!