Up until this year’s VMAs, a good amount of casual rap fans couldn’t tell you who Pusha T was, even if they listened to Clipse.  However, after his performance alongside Kanye West, it’s not unrealistic to suggest those same people are more likely to identify him than Clipse as an entity.  On the heels of an epic performance and a major deal with G.O.O.D. Music, Pusha caught up with Karen Civil to talk about his solo career as well as the future of Clipse and the Wale/KiD CuDi beef.

According to Pusha, the G.O.O.D. deal is strictly solo, although there are plans to start work on another Clipse album, which will likely be released through Columbia.  He did go on to hint that there’s a good possibility of Malice showing up on his solo album.  Pusha T went on to state that Malice has no harsh feelings towards T for pursuing his solo career,  noting that a solo release will only expand the brand of music they’ve worked so hard to create.  Pusha stated, “[Malice is] actually working on a book and a film right now, so his ‘down time’ isn’t so down. It’s something we’ve always discussed just with having the whole Re-Up Gang situation. We were just like we need to expand on the brand as much as  possible. If that means putting out a Clipse album, a Re-Up Gang album, a solo album, anything that just makes the brand grow.” As far as Pusha T’s forthcoming mixtape, Fear Of God, the Re-Up Gang member told Ms. Civil that he had to undergo a new creative process because he’s so used to Malice dropping introspective rhymes, which he would usually balance out with “wordplay,” but he now finds himself having to fill his brother’s shoes (“I think you’re going to see all of those sides of me on the mixtape).

When asked if his signing to G.O.O.D. Music would affect his friendship with Wale, Pusha said, “I did speak to Wale because he is a friend of mine. He actually mentioned [the beef] to me and we just had a brief talk. It was basically just keep making your music and whatever happens happens…[Kid CuDi & Wale are] both talented and both have their fans. However this thing spawned, who knows? I’ve seen them together at times, so I don’t really know how serious it is.”