Racist NYPD…Not Surprising

 |  September 27, 2011

When it comes to the NYPD their tactics and policing can be viewed as ill advised depending on who you ask. People will tell you stories of having evidence planted or removed, being beaten for not cooperating, or just harassed. To be honest most people I know are more fearful of the NYPD than criminals. Why?  Cops can put you through a legal system that is highly questionable at preserving rights for little to no reason.  Where as most criminals won’t endanger you as long as you don’t interfere with their “activities”.  I am by no means saying that the NYPD doesn’t serve a purpose.  However should the average citezen be fearful of them?  The average person in my community is.  That does not seem right.

This thought came from reading a NY Daily News article today, which I laughed at not because it was humorous, but because it was all too familiar. The article is a perfect example of the NYPD behaving like the same people they are supposed to be arresting:

It’s more than ticket-fixing chatter investigators caught on their wiretaps: Cops are also heard talking trash about the people they’re paid to protect, sources said.

The wiretap recordings at the heart of the probe captured conversations rife with racist and inflammatory remarks, sources told the Daily News.

“There’s overtly racist language,” said one source. “And it gets a lot worse than that.”

The shocking language could cause the scandal to spiral far beyond the 17 cops already indicted, tainting cases of hundreds of officers caught on tape, legal experts said.

“If a Bronx jury hears a cop call someone a n—-r or an animal, everything else they say goes out thewindow,” said one veteran defenselawyer with a client who wasarrested by a cop implicated in the scandal.

The Bronx investigation – which began as a probe into a cop suspected of drug ties – quickly grew as officers were caught on tape discussing fixing tickets and other wrongdoing, prosecutors have alleged.

In the end, 17 cops – many of them union delegates – were indicted on Friday. Dozens of others will likely face departmental charges, sources said, and some already have.