By: Rizoh

      You’ve heard the expression “Last night the DJ saved my life,” right? Well, the reverse was the case in this story which sounds like a scene from Stephen King novel. A disc jockey in Shelby, NC suffered a seizure while on-air and managed to give a public plea for help before passing out. The DJ, Tim Biggerstaff of WOHS, said to be diabetic, was the only person working on the holiday.

       A listener named Gerald Weathers heard the 46-year old DJ’s call for help and raced to the nearby station. His quick response helped save Biggerstaff’s life.

      The Associated Press reports that this isn’t the first time a listener has had to rescue the DJ. A fan donated a kidney to him when he needed a transplant in 2003.

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  • moneyoverbitches

    i don't give a shit