Raekwon associate Hanz has come forward and confessed that he was the one who punched out Joe Budden last month at a Rock The Bells tour date. He explained the reason behind his assault on the MC was that he didn’t like Joe Budden’s disrespectful talk towards Wu members Inspectah Deck and Method Man. Hanz says:

“The situation with Joe Buddens and all that, he got beat up, it’s a lot of controversy surrounding it because nobody seen the tape yet. I’m the dude that did it, I punched him in the face because he was outta line — I look at him like, not the school yard bully, but the motherf*cking school that’s always picking on a motherf*cker that don’t f*ck with nobody — to say something about a n*gga like Mef is crazy, Mef don’t f*ck with nobody and that’s my big brother He got punched in his face because he tried to throw it off on Mef, throw it off on Deck…he tried to make it seem like a n*gga was 6’5, 400 pounds, sh*t like that, 18 year-old n*gga. I’m 30 plus, I’m a fat n*gga…I’m not gonna sit here and say Rae made me do it, that was a spontaneous decision on my own…I ain’t gonna let nobody disrespect my big brother…I’m glad I did it, ’cause he got a big mouth…It wasn’t actually planned, he could have actually changed that whole situation as it unfolded as it went on…”

The incident sparked feuds between Wu-Tang fans and Slaughterhouse fans, but has since been squashed by the two MC’s.