The Chef himself recently hit up Jenny Boom Boom’s radio show and spoke on how his Wu Massacre collaboration with fellow Wu members Method Man and Ghostface came about.

He explains how originally the idea was presented to him by Ghostface and Def Jam, saying:

“The Wu-Massacre was something that Ghostface and Def Jam put together and asked from my assistance.  I just came through for them…This is something that Def Jam came up with, with Ghostface, and they wanted me and Method Man to be a part of it so Ghost called and got the whole movement on that Wu-Massacre album…In my eyes, I wanted to do it independently but this is what Ghost wanted to do — [‘Our Dreams’] was a commercial record that we knew would definitely keep us on the radio at least in the daytime and all of that. But it wasn’t really nothing that we felt was top of the line — we already knew that was gonna be a commercial spin-off for us…”

Rae had a lot of success with his independent OB4CL2, so you can’t blame for feeling comfortable with that route. But regardless of the independents or the majors, at the end of the day Wu-Tang is Wu-Tang and if your a fan then no matter what the project is, your most likely going to cop that.

However respect to Rae for not wanting to sell out and we still show support any which way the music comes. If you still haven’t copped Wu Massacre, please go get that done asap.