|  January 31, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Are Carmello and La La heading from a break up? I heard she was maybe applying too much pressure to the baller to get married.

      Diddy was spied getting a little too close to Aubrey from Danity Kane at Sundance, but another female he seems to be spending a lot of time with is Jude Laws ex, Sienna Miller. Paparazzi snapped the mogul dropping her off at her hotel the other morning here in NYC. Now it could be completely innocent but the pic that circulated showed a look of shock on Diddy’s face that would make a person think he was a lil guilty, but he quickly denied it saying "Man, I was just being a gentleman and dropping her off." The two actually hang out quite a bit.

      Jermaine Dupri after resigning from Virgin has found a home at Def Jam and will be taking his entire roster of SoSo Def artists over to the House that Russell built.


 |  January 26, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Young Buck has his own reality show in the works…but supposedly somethings are so ‘out there’ that its proving hard to edit. Not sure where this show is supposed to air but I will have more for you on this next week.
      Kim Porter is looking simply amazing even after giving birth to twin girls. Forget that Aubrey chick Diddy, stay with what you have.  Isaiah Washington checked himself into a ‘facility’ to deal with his homophobia.
      Brandy is now being reported to have been talking on a cell phone when
involved in a fatal car accident before Christmas Paris had/has herpes??


 |  January 22, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
      Lil Kim is going to be judging as well as Executive Producing a new reality show called Searching for the Next Pussy Cat Doll…is there really any need for that because as far as I see it there is only one pussy cat doll anyway…right?
      Tyra Banks looks to be having hair color issues..whoever told her to lighten up should have kept their mouths shut.
      Nick Cannon dumped Kim Kardishian because of her so to be public home movie featuring Ray J, who btw can be spotted smoking trees with Snoop Dogg all over the net today.