|  July 18, 2008

Ok ok so here we go with the reality TV buzz again. So Diddy got himself another show which we talked on earlier this week, but he is not the only one to be getting busy on camera (oh yeah and big shouts out to him for the Emmy nods his Raisin in the Sun got too.)His long time Boo and momma to three of his kids is also getting ready to do some shooting of her own. Turns out Lifestyle are very interested in what it is to be Kim Porter, the single mom who gets a fat check each month from her on/off again bab daddy. Not hating or anything, well yeah maybe I am, but who gives a sh*t about how Kim Porter is living? What has this chick done to warrant a show? I mean i frown at a lot of these reality shows, but at least most of the time we see things that may be of interest, Keyshia Cole, Rev Run even Flavor of Love was amusing. What we gonna see on this one that we don’t read about every day? Her change the babies diapers? Go to the store? It’s not like this chick works as a model anymore, so what are we going to be watching? You know Diddy is going to be exec producing that too lol. So basically what we will be watching is some glamorous baby momma trying to have us relate to her world….hmmm yeah ok. Let’s hope her parenting skills are better than those she used to try and keep her man.

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    maybe the show’s producers plan to set her on fire.