I thought this video was funny.  Pretty basic, just tons of rappers hanging out in a room getting lit and playing video games.  However, Snoop steals the show.  Bow Wow and Game are getting all ghey with each other over their game and Snoop is just posted up, getting blunted, and generally loving rap music.  Not mad at that.



  • S01650



    How was Game being gay? Bow Wow is just gay, all niggaz know this shit. Game was just jammin. You're just being a hater.

  • STAX

    Yep That Gay Azz Nigga Trying to Give Game a Lapdance…..lol

  • Sed1990

    is it sad that snoop has the oldest career in that room but is the only one who still makes decent music

  • DoinMeEnt

    its cool 2 see niggas just chillin, kickin….nice look!!