By: Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      In 2006 Rawkus Records made a comeback with excellent albums from The Procussions, Kidz in the Hall and Panacea. To help further their brand as well as help forward-thinking hip-hop artists the label is launching its “Rawkus 50” initiative. The “Rawkus 50” will be 50 unsigned artists or groups hand selected by founders Jarrett Myer, Brian Bater and content manager Slop Funk Dust to help them market and promote their latest project.

      “This is such a great opportunity for both artist and label,” Myer said. ”There are so many talented artists with substance and a do it yourself spirit that deserve a larger promotional outlet.”

     Bater added, “with the Rawkus 50, Rawkus will provide unprecedented opportunities for Independent artists.”

      Rawkus will provide the Rawkus 50 with a full-fledged online marketing campaign as well as print ads, NY and L.A. showcases and blog and podcasting hosting. In addition, the artist is free to sign with any label of their choosing and possibly entertain an offer from Rawkus Records as well.

      “When have you ever heard of a respectable record label accepting unsolicited material from the general public? I could send my demo to Def Jam, but it’s just gonna end up on someone’s floor,” Slop Funk Dust said. “The Rawkus guys are loading up their IPOD’s and listening to submissions like mad men. This is the perfect opportunity for that one guy, that’s been recording albums in his basement and posting his videos on youtube. It is also perfect for artists that are already established and have followings and are just interested and hungry.  For those established artists this can be a way better outlet than mixtapes.”

      To see if you qualify, check out the press release here: RAWKUS.

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