I`m not sure how long the Jersey shore epidemic will last but the cast members better milk it while they can. JWoww is smart because it is being reported that the Jersey Shore star will be stripping for Playboy magazine for $200,000.

The actress(if you would call her that), real name Jenni Farley says that final talks are underway and she is pretty much a lock to strip for an upcoming issue.

She says if all goes well, you can look for her to appear in a winter issue of Playboy.

Since the pics are not out yet I decided to bring you the best of Jwoww, hopefully it holds you off until the real thing is released:

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    no ass at all.

  • al

    some real shit this bitch sexxxy as fuck!. She the kind of chic a nigga would wan steal her away from that bullshit ass crew she run with, but she love that shitty life cause she make pape now…she wasted, herpes an all. I NEVER watch even one Ep of that Jersey bullshit but I know who J Wow fine ass is…lol