Hip Hop aficionados dreaded the day Fat Beats, New York (and LA) closed its storefront doors for good.  Although what was once a relic in record store history is long gone, the brand lives on through its distribution and online store; and most importantly a handful of unforgettable stories.

Amir Abdullah, who served as the Head of A&R for Fat Beats Distribution during the early and mid 2000s, shed light on stories of extortion, deception, and a war between Fat Beats and Rawkus Records  with HighSnobriety.com.  Amongst these ridiculous stories include Amir saying that he and Fat Beats owner, Joe Abijian, were held at gunpoint by a group of men as a result of distributing a DJ Spinbad mixtape containing unauthorized recordings.

My summaries couldn’t do any of the five stories justice…so check them out here.