Remy Ma Slams Media From Prison…

 |  July 16, 2009

remy-maLast month, incarcerated rapper, and former Terror Squad member Remy Ma took some time out to reach out to her fans with a heartfelt letter [Click to read].

This time around, her pen is pointed in the direction of the media, as she shares her thoughts on Michael Jackson’s death. According to, the letter goes something like this:

“So [my husband Papoose and I are] playing Scrabble…and the news comes on, saying ‘Breaking news Michael Jackson dead at 50 yrs old’ and we were both stuck. I don’t think I even believed it at first, it was as if it were a hoax or something but as the story developed we realized it was official.”

In less than 5 minutes I was crying (yes crying) and Pap was totally pissed because usually when people pass everybody talks about the good things in their lives and it seemed like all they were talking about was negativity.

I used to be one of those people that watched the news and bought the newspaper everyday and believed that everything that I was seeing and reading was true; up until the point where I ended up in their reports in a negative light.

Now I only read the papers for the horoscopes and the comics and I only watch the news for the lottery numbers. They couldn’t even get my name or age right, more less the color of my vehicle that was right behind them parked in front of the precinct.

Many reporters get their information at 4th, 3rd, 2nd hand at best. They’re at liberty to word a headline however they see fit in order to sell the highest number of papers but rarely do they take a moment to stop and think that this is someone’s life that they’re tampering with, someone with a family, someone that might have children.”

She also added that during her time in prison, she has read the entire Bible, and thanked fans for sending their love. She closed the letter by writing, “Forever Innocent, Rem. RIP Michael Jackson

  • gogoprince08

    tell em remy. i was pissed when all they started talkin bout was the negative too. most of that shit is just allogations anyway. stay up remy….