Jury selection for the New York trial of a Grammy-nominated rapper accused of shooting an acquaintance over missing money will begin next week March 6th.

   Remy Smith , aka 
Remy Ma, is accused of shooting a woman in the abdomen last July after leaving a Greenwich Village party. She said the woman took $2,000 from her purse.

     She has pleaded not guilty to assault and related charges and is free on $250,000 bail. She could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

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  • http://www.ihiphop.com/derekb0832 qc_clit_licka

    Yo, thats crazy. She willing to face 25yrs in the box over 2 grand. Thats wild.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/Ruckaz Crazy J

    Damn I would fuck remy ma!

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/Bragonti_45 Carlito Bragonti33

    Remy a wrap bitches!!!!!