People have always been leasing other people’s swag in the art world and forgetting to send the check.  REVOK rightfully goes in of Fab 5 Freddy.  This comes from SEVER’s YO’ FAB 5 FREDDIE, YOU’RE A CORNY WANNABE, WHERE’S SEVER’S CHECK? post:

Below are some examples of Fab 5’s alleged plagiarisms.  Pics Via AnimalNY.

This less than fabulous Freddie character is a lame and NEVER WAS A GRAFFITI WRITER/ARTIST. Actually let me make a correction… He painted some really shitty piece on a movie set, a music video, started a piece once on one train and didnt finish… and caught a few tags around a trendy neighborhood were a few key galleries were located in the 80′s… This in no way qualifies him as anything but a wanna-be and a perpetrator. To show this lame alongside true legends FUTURA & LEE is a travesty and insult to the culture.

Now I bet your wondering why I am going so hard at poor Fab-5 and knocking the guy’s hustle… Under any other circumstances I’d have a chuckle and go about my business… But I absolutely can not leave this one alone because that shit Fab-5 tried to present in a gallery as “original art” isn’t original. Fab’s “art” is composed entirely of stolen bits and pieces from my friend SEVER’s art… And its reproduced tragically might i add. Here is a guy who was NEVER a graffiti writer… Posing as a “king of graffiti” -All the while stealing from a REAL graffiti writer. SEVER is a world renown & globally recognized & respected graffiti artist… I bet “King FAB 5″ doesn’t even know who SEVER is and stumbled across SEVER’s work doing a google search… F*CKING PATHETIC.