|  January 14, 2009


Atlanta rapper Rich Boy, (is he considered a one hit wonder?) is in a bit of hot water with a payment in excess of $300,000 he has failed to make from an incident back in 2005 which saw his brother incarcerated for ten years after the two were involved in firing 10 shots at the vehicle of tax accountant Chaz Mosley. Mosley won the right to bring liens against any property or assets Rich Boy, born Marece Richards after winning a law suit of an estimated $327,000.
Obviously Rich Boy was left to foot the costs and his brother well he got one year for every bullet that missed its target. The IRS wins every time.

  • Loose Da Ceo

    Rich Boy is from Mobile Alabama not Atl. get it right and Rich Boy u gotta pay ur debts son, do some shows. Get that money Son!!! Know dat