Rich Chigga is Back With “Chaos”

 |  October 5, 2017

Chigga keeps his momentum going.

Our favorite Vietnamese rapper, Rich Chigga, captured our hearts with his surprisingly great debut track, “Dat $tick”. With a voice that didn’t quite match the rapper, Rich Chigga shocked fans and rappers—including Ghostface and Cam’Ron. Since then, he’s built a strong fanbase off the strength of other tracks, including, “Glow Like Dat”, “Seventeen”, and others. Today, the deep-voiced rapper is back with “Chaos”.

Spitting over an eery, experimental instrumental, Rich Chigga discusses his mushrooming success and how that translates into an altered lifestyle. From people recognizing him on the street to fatter pockets to overall savagery, Rich Chigga is soaking in his refurbished outlook.

Listen to “Chaos” below: