Rich Hil Is Killing It!

 |  January 21, 2011

This kid is killing it right now.  He is just on that rockstar/rap wave, but he is actually pulling it off unlike most people who try to do it.  I’m just happy something cool is finally coming out of NYC.  Be sure to cop that fire Limosa Nostra Act II mixtape he just dropped.  I know people wanna hate on him for what he represents, but the music is there.  Plus he actually probably does the cool stuff he raps about.  As you can tell Rich has a thing for opiates and recently finished a stint in rehab after he caught a case.

Some say I’m a motherf*cking druggie/ but I’ll never let you teach me how to dougie/f*ck that, i’m all about the morphine/ It’s the first thing I want in the morning/ And f*ck probation, tell me how the police steady hating

Rich Hil “The Addicts Anthem”