A visual masterpiece.

Rich The Kid’s January-released single, “Plug Walk”, quickly proliferated the masses due to its hypnotic, spaced-out essence and production. A play on words involving astronauts “space walking” out of a shuttle, picking up his dealer in a futuristic-looking car, flexing his drug connections, “Plug Walk” is a vibey track. Recently, Rich debuted the music video–and it’s amazing.

Curated by resident hip-hop direct Daps, the “Plug Walk” video is inspired by Walter White and the AMC hit series, Breaking Bad. Physically manifesting the space and drug themes, Rich is seen cooking up meth in a trailer with his little helper: an alien.

What starts as an alien invasion turns into a dynamic duo of Rich and the little green guy. Between co-cheffing meth and enjoying scantily clad women, this video is the perfect representation of Rich himself: talented, goofy, different, interesting, fun.

Watch the “Plug Walk” video below: